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Daanesh Chanduwadia




Go-to advisor and hired gun to leaders of the world’s leading branding agencies on *accounts and **pitches, and now multiple startups. Led messaging of Hyundai, Audi and Cadillac brand turnarounds. Former Goodby Silverstein, Fallon, AKQA, George P Johnson, Digitas.* McKinney, Venables Bell, 72 and Sunny, ARGONAUT, Anomaly, MTZHF, BBH NY.** Specializing in product launch, brand resurgence, business development, corporate strategy. A quarter century in the motor industry. Monitoring it since 1984. Making next decade’s news today. Have an upcoming project, panel, or podcast? Let’s talk. 🚙 Featured in Taschen’s Internet Case Study Book, Slate, Deutsche Welle, Ask Heloise, and more. “...a car expert Jeff Goodby says knows almost everything about every car that’s ever been on the market...” — Ad Age “From automotive engineering to marketing, Daanesh has his finger on the pulse.” — The Car Connection “I grilled a few auto mechanics and pored over informational websites. Then I went to a real expert, Daanesh.” — "Daanesh is an auto industry analyst and branding consultant to a number of carmakers, including Hyundai, Cadillac and Audi." -— Deutsch Welle 🚙 “It’s hard to pigeon-hole Daanesh, and for a strategy leader that’s his great strength; automotive guru, business strategist, data analyst, creative thinker, he’s all these things. But more than that he’s someone who thinks about brands in a fresh way. Anyone can tell you how the world looks, but its a rare person who can tell you how it could look and then gives you the numbers to prove his hypothesis. If you want someone who can wrap their head around a problem and surprise you with what he comes back with, Daanesh is your guy.” -Author, Second That Emotion “Daanesh is a creative, though is title never recognizes this fact. He has the rare ability to speak human when discussing the complexities.” - Chief Creative Officer, North America at Campbell Ewald 🚙 Car and Driver->Service Training->Sales Training->Professional Driver-> Automotive Category Expert->Pitch Lead->Lead Copywriter->Brand Architect->SVP/Director of Content->Corporate Strategist->Startup Advisor