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Chemberli Cline Smith




Natural Skin Care business owner 💚Cannabis Nurse Consultant 💚🌿Cannabis Advocate💚🌿Dekalb County raised . ATL mindset . Real Georgia 🍑. Infinite possibilities, no limits is my motto! One of my passions is helping my community. My natural skincare line is one of my greatest achievements , besides raising wonderful children. I am supported by a wonderful King who actually inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I am self taught. My nursing experience coupled with outside training is used when formulating and hand making all of my products . I’m constantly working on perfecting my craft! I am most product of my custom scents and wellness skincare products ! I am on this skincare and natural health journey will all my beautiful client. @Caramelcocoashea on Facebook and IG [email protected] *email me if interested while my website is be updated and converted to e-commerce, please My interest: Spirituality Truth seeker Travel Documentaries Spiritual and mental wellness Learning about different cultures and religions Charitable work Community financial , health, and mental wellness Finding ways to give back Advocating for equality and justice for my Black community Hobbies: Anything fun 🤩 Watching stupid stuff on TV that makes me laugh Dancing Cooking Listening to podcasts Listening to audio books ; especially adult ones :) My biggest love is for my King and my family/ friends. They are most important to me. I also love to support and promote women doing their thing regardless of the kind of business they have.