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Jim Edenfield




The Great Mile High Real Estate Investors Summit Owner/Coach/Mentor - Owner - John Fisher’s Breakfast Club Owner - RealtyInvestorsGroup.ORG I am an investor in SFH, STR, Multifamily, Hard Money Broker, and a private lender Retired US Coast Guard. 20 years baby!! Married, Living, and investing in Denver, CO area Check out this video to see info on Invest Success. For a taste of what the John Fisher's Breakfast Club is like watch this video... A little bit about me.. an Interview for Land.MBA Passport Stamp Junkie - Been to 26 Countries and Counting.... I have two bitcoin miners and am already trading coins with a mentor. Please do not try to sell me anything. Private Lender & Hard Money Broker Fix-n-Flip Loans Rental Loans Portfolio Rental Loans Multi-Family Bridge Loans New Construction Loans Fix to Rent Loans Blanket Loan Programs DSCR & Bank Statement Loans Non-Recourse & Recourse Loans Available [email protected]