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Michael Sillion




❤️🌍 I’m Captain Future - Connecting people, ideas, places and perspectives with curiosity, playfulness, authenticity, humor, kindness & wisdom in navigating a global complex world in motion. Spreading good vibes and magic wherever I go. ⛩🔭🧩 A professional Global Perspective Shifter, Playful Moderator, Systems-Entrepreneur, Lifelong Learning Advocate, Ikigai 4.0 Master & Opportunity Weaver. A “VUCAnist” in a VUCA world. 🏴‍☠️ ❇️ How do you Navigate? 📍🇸🇪🦉 A maverick ENFP polymath Night owl from West Coast Sweden. 🧭 A Future Navigator together with Bert-Ola [@heartofsweden] working on the Learning Society project & the 17 SDGs, making online events & Playgrounds. 🟢 “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming” - David Bowie
 I explore the possibility for all of us training and becoming the Crewmembers, Navigators, Weavers, Stewards, Guardians, Trimtabs, Mavericks, Midwifes & Captains of Spaceship Earth 🚀🌍 As called out by Buckminster Fuller. ❇️ In order to become, you must first be. ✳️ Go be you! 🦦🦦🦦 Find The Otters This is my Residual Self Image and authentic self, that I am on a lifelong journey of exploring & narrating into existence as I express it into The Matrix 🖤💚☝️ 🐢 I’m a Wisdom Gym Facilitator ☕️ Campfire Celebrator ⚡️ Flow-State Explorer 🐲 21st Century Skills Trainer 🕺 Raver 🔥 Burner 💘 Single 🎲 Boardgamer 😎 Cyberpunk & ☀️ Solarpunk ⛰🚲 Mountain biking 💪 Fitness - CrossMix - Yoga 🎙My pod is Capitan Future show 💨 Wim Hof method 👂TheoryU 🦋 Evolutionary Leadership 🎉 #Prelon - May the Musk be with you! - 🔴🔵🟢🟣 In 2020-23 we have explored all kinds of online wisdom gyms. Where the Glass Bead Games - A collective sense making tool where we take turns co-creating meaning is my go to place. 👭 2 Daughters I haven’t seen in a while 😭😭 🖖🚀🕹 I’ve been a geek and SciFi nerd all my life. I play some eSports for fun like League Of Legends & Hearthstone Battlegrounds & I used to run an eSports & Tabletop gaming café ❇️ “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward” ~ Søren Kierkegaard All your base are belong to us! 👾 Do you like my work? 💖 🎉 👇 Contact me on LinkedIn & 👇👇