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Patricia A. Patton




Founder of Cannabis Business Alliance. 🇺🇸 Our mission is to the optimize and strengthen healthy aging. We believe wellness is broader than mindfulness, fitness, and medicine as we commonly understand it to be. We create strategic market content to help businesses tell appropriate stories to prospects and valued clients. We bridge understanding in the wellness space between hemp & cannabis businesses and consumers. We seek to provide positive options in communities where there is a history of mistrust of the healthcare system. We empower leadership at the community level with knowledge of the science of plant medicine and with vetted resources upon which cannabis businesses and consumers may make healthier, more supportive decisions. We provide training, tools, and access to information to businesses that will elevate the cannabis industry while facilitating relationships that will help their business thrive.   #healthyaging matters #disruptinequityinaging 🌱C21H30O2 Creator of the Cannaboomer making sense of Cannabis Science Club Creator of the Dream Yourself Awake Club House, a space for creatives who dare to be brave again in their life journey. 🦿Podcast: Me and Mary Jane: Making Sense of cannabis Science 👩🏾‍💻Website: https://cannabis Lover of people smarter than me Rally COIN: Noclue Cash app $BoomerWizdom Ping me 🧩To moderate, facilitate, big-up, and/or have your back in conversations that encourage growing into yourself on a variety of topics.