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Liz Rogan




~18 year Cannabis Industry Veteran & medical cannabis patient ~Wellness Consultant ~Founder of Cannabis Business Council of Santa Barbara ~Served as Executive Director of American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine ~Degrees in Biology & Botany ~Patient Advocate, Industry Advocate ~Herbalist ~Writer ~Keynote Speaker & Moderator ~Cannabis Educator ~Brand Strategist ~Nutritional, Reiki & Pranic Healing facilitator ~live and let live; savor the spices of life ~music = medicine ~food = medicine ~surfer/paddleboarder/outdoor lover ~striving everyday to be more conscious ~grateful for this wild, long strange trip, the experiences & lessons ~ dogs > people ~experiences > things ~light > darkness ~plant medicine > pharma ~solutions > problems ~love > hate ~healing > suffering [email protected] 805-613-0400 Based in Santa Barbara, CA