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Lorraine Allman




UK Author, Educator, and International Consultant at Can-Do Child. 🆕🆓 Are you raising a Can-Do Child? Take this quick quiz for a personalised score, eBook, and coaching with me! DM me ‘scorecard’ now to find out more! ⭐️ Raising Can-Do Children Club meets every Thursday 👩‍👦Mum to UKs youngest successful crowdfunder ✅ Helping parents and teachers raise a generation of happy, resourceful, resilient, children, with a can-do mindset and skills for life through everyday, screen-free play. ✍️ Author of 3 best-selling books, including The Can-Do Child’ and ‘A Parent’s Guide to Easy, Sceeen-Free Activities Children Will Love’ 👩‍💼Owner of Can-Do Child, seeking expansion through worldwide distribution networks. Advocate of easy, screen-free playful learning, grounded in the everyday. 🤝’Giving back’ includes: role model for Big Ideas Wales; Chair of Young Enterprise ‘Fiver’ challenge; Board member of South Wales Young Enterprise Interests: #Parenting #LearningThroughPlay #Screen-Free Play #Early Childhood Education #Parental Engagement #MENA region Early Years Education #EnterpriseLearning #Entrepreneurship #Collaboration #Guest Moderation Click my 🔔 to be notified of rooms I run or co-host. Open to guest moderating requests. @candochild [email protected] LinkedIn: /lorraineallman 🎧 if you enjoy #podcasts listen in to my conversation with ‘MyKidsy’ on #Spotify #Google or #Stitcher to hear me talk about the inspiration behind my work, top tips for raising can-do children, and my future business plans!