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Laurinda Andujar




Mom, Author, Entrepreneur, Healer, Motivator, Educator, Empath, Poetess, Risk Taker, Grief Recovery Specialist, JMT Coach, Human Doing! The current generation presents an undeniable need for culture shifters; infused with an innate ability to ameliorate the faulty foundations of times past, through the powers of healing, innovative reasoning, and altruism. Embodying these qualities in unyielding measure; is the compassionate professional, Laurinda Andujar. Laurinda Andujar is a Best-Selling Author, prolific orator, and certified Grief and Recovery specialist displaying a sincere preeminence for helping leaders and growing professionals acculturate the skillsets, inner resilience, and awareness necessary in attaining authentic success. Having spent many years in the realms of consulting and coaching, Laurinda helps clients submit to the truths of their current disposition, while exercising unconventional strategies to enhance their overall success in life. Her mantra is simple: Transparency, relatability, and innovative thought processes are the primary ingredients found in veritable leadership development. Laurinda combines a prodigious work ethic with a high regard for education, achievement, and communal involvement. Laurinda is a graduate of the Henry B Fernandez School of the Prophets, Huizenga School of Executive Leadership, and the Disney Leadership Institute. She is also certified in Grief Recovery, HIPAA, Achieve Global, and is a Certified John Maxwell Team Member and Coach. Possessing a tremendous ability to connect with an array of audiences from all demographics, educational and socioeconomic statuses, Laurinda is often recognized by exclusive platforms for her outstanding contributions; such as The National Coalition of 100 Black Women, The National Diversity Council, Barry University, and many others. Her expertise and effervescent nature has allowed her to grace an array of stages; Laurinda has been featured in more than 20 magazines, such as SwagHer, FashionGxd, Medium, Mogul, US Weekly, and New York Business Now. She has also been featured on NBC 33, Fox 44, KEBN Radio, 94.1 The Max, New York Times Square; along with maintaining a 30-day Texas radio syndication for her book, She Blinked. Heavily influenced by the late Maya Angelou and Bo Diddley; by which she shared the chance to meet both of their acquaintances, Laurinda believes that possessing a dynamic approach ushers us into the realms of the great; making us one of them.