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Candace Danforth




The greatest success in life, is to live life in your own way! 🤙🏽 ✨ Personal Freedom Coach✨ I help you create transformational experiences in your life by.... ✨ teaching you how to affectively communicate and get your needs met. ✨ how to end self-sabotaging behavior and show up more powerfully in your life. ✨ claim your health intuitively and gain more vibrant energy ✨ tap into your own tools to recalibrate your life. ✨ connect to your creativity that may have taken the back burner ✨ Lean into your true vision and purpose/Dharma and freeing yourself from limiting beliefs. ✨ embody your magnetic self on the daily CEO of Evolving You Licensed Personal Trainer with NASM & Licensed Mindset Coach & Comedian in my own right 😘🥳 Are you feeling curious? What does she actually do? Can a coach “actually” help me? All good questions. Follow me and send me a DM and you can get those questions answered 🤙🏽💜 Email me at [email protected]