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🖤📍Ohio (Go Bucks!) 📍Fmr AF Brat & Forever Southern Girl ❤️ 🥰~ I have found a true ‘home’ with my husband, two teenagers, and my husky in the wonderfully diverse area of Ohio (Go Bucks!).  💯~ If I’m not spoiling my clients, you can usually find me hunting for amazing foods to cook or eat (food obsessed may be putting it mildly), binge-watching something related to serial killers/forensics on TV (might need a side hustle with the BAU at Quantico?), or my favorite place in the world – on our boat with family and friends. 🙌🏻🍑~ A southern girl at heart whose love of Real Estate began early – I grew up the daughter of an Air Force Pilot – teaching me to love so many people, their cultures, foods, and places, but rarely calling any one place ‘home’.  This traveling and exposure to so many of the beautiful and exciting places around our amazing country has certainly allowed me to find opportunities where my experience, insight, integrity, and knowledge of people and places can be infused into all aspects of this industry.  I love people, first and foremost, and my second love is absolutely finding unique businesses to team up and network with and, hopefully, form long-lasting partners/friendships! 🤷🏼‍♀️~ *Also known as the “Queen of Random/Useless Information” or “Captain Inappropriate” to those who are closest to me. 🤣 I may, or may not, know the entire theme song to ‘Mr. Ed’ & other completely inane items of amusement & entertainment… 😳🤪😎🖤