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Cristian Capizzi




Cristian Capizzi, born in 1978, has been working in the Internet sector with special focus on Tourism from 2000. After having completed a study experience at the University of Brighton, in 2003 he specializes in SEO and SEM techniques. Also in 2003 he creates the first Network of Italian campings and holiday parks. Starting with, he grows a real Network of more than 30 portals, such as,,,, and Furthermore he creates other internet portals like - - - - - . Over the last years he has been building up experience about web marketing, web analytics, booking online systems and internationalization of touristic portals. With CreatiWeb S.r.l., thanks to its team of over 25 internal professionals, he has worked for numerous Italian clients, of which the Cinema Museum of Turin and the Venice Biennale. After having reached the share of 1000 clients in Europe with CreatiWeb S.r.l., he founds its spin off NaturalBOOKING S.r.l. with the support of a venture capital company. In 2014 he founded KoobCamp S.r.l. a new Company to advertise European Campings. Nowadays, the attention is focused on the world of campings and holiday parks in Italy and Europe. Today’s campings are highly advanced accommodations. The new concept is “glamping” (Glamour Campings - with the portal and connects open air family holidays with the comfort and quality of a five-star hotel with very competitive prices in comparison with other accommodations. With the recent acquisitions of the CodeOne and Campgest management systems, the KoobCamp Group ( companies have the aim of making campings and villages management ever smarter.