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CAMMY Bowker




❌ Fighting child trafficking on a global scale. 🎥🎞 International film producer. 🤝Inviting impact investors to join forces with me to save more kids from being trafficked. 💪🏼If you are a social impact investor and want to be considered for this upcoming round, email or DM me. ✨Founder -Global Education Philanthropists. 🌍 Philanthropists sharing time, talent or treasure to save more kids. 🔨Building an global army to fight trafficking & empower communities. 🎯Strategically fighting trafficking to empower communities. ❤️📚Trafficking survivors in need of resources email: [email protected] IG @cammybowker Cammy Finnegan Bowker🍀 🌎Global & domestic empowerment expert. Licensed Extraction Specialist Want to help in the fight against child trafficking? Email me! [email protected]