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THERE'S NO QUESTION WHOSE ART IS SUPERIOR #PhD#Mathematician & 🆓thinker. Poet of logical ideas, as graceful as the left hand of Rembrandt 🎨, aspirations to under and overstand the infinite ♾. Soul, freedom, philosophy, humor, life. RENAISSANCEshit📍☀Miami,FL🌴🐬🔥 ⚽️ Colombian-American. 🇨🇴 RIP#DavidMontoya Theorist working in higher dimensional complex algebraic/analytic differential geometry, with interests in analytic and algebraic number theory. Latest publication is on the relation between the geometric quantization of a Hamiltonian system such as one arising from the geodesic flow of a compact Riemannian symmetric space, and the Laplace-Beltrami operator eigenspectra on the space, obtaining new techniques for explicitly calculating the eigenfunctions as sections of complex line bundles over the generalized flag manifold (quantization space) in the form of particular homogeneous harmonic polynomials. Current research is on generalized geometry of hypercomplex and hyperKähler manifolds, and future postdoc research concerns orthogonal polynomials and special functions. Looks for published works on the Cornell university Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics M.A. in Mathematics M.S. in Mathematical Sciences B.Sc. in Mathematical Sciences RUNNING THE LARGEST AND BEST MATHEMATICS & PHYSICS CLUB ON CH! Search for it! *Here to have fun discussing science, philosophy, and mathematics, almost exclusively.* Also interested in epistemology, evolutionary theory, cryptography and cryptocurrency, and physics and cosmology. Uncontrollably infatuated with the metaphysics & philosophy of mathematics: PURE NUMBER THEORIST AT HEART Atheist (slash closeted Buddhist) to the point I don’t believe god exists in the sky, but with in me. Philosophically Godbody 5% Nation ☀️🌗⭐️ Supreme Mathematics my math YouTube channel: (CM must be capitalized I don’t check the backchannel and especially now that I have like over a hundred unread messages, so you’re better off DMing me on insta “He who cannot offend or withstand offense cannot handle the truth or be honest” (paraphrased) ~Thomas Paine So just save us both the time and block me already 🖕