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Steph Lykes




Sex therapy is the best therapy. She/Her. PhD (Human Sexuality) / MSW candidate patiently biding her time in pharma until the professional sexologist can be released. New Yorker with Southern sensibilities. Quick-witted with an even quicker tongue that sometimes gets me in trouble. Ivy-league grad with a strong sophistirachet code-switch. Known to clutch pearls and riding crops because balance is key. πŸ˜‰ Interested in experiencing CH with an open mind, a kind heart, and a light spirit. Dedicated to helping others address shame and other harmful influences to assist them with becoming their best sexual selves. Recently launched my consulting site and currently working to create insightful content. Still have questions about my work and what I do? Check out my website, Loves. ❀️ I’ve worked with: - the MoMA πŸ–Ό - AltSex πŸ” - Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center πŸ‘… Just to name a few. Published author, speaker, content creator and organizer. Definitely open to collabs, discussions, and creating something amazing together. Venmo: @SirenCallConsulting CashApp: $ChickNamedSteph #SexTherapyIsTheBestTherapy #SirenCallConsulting #BIPOCRelationships #BIPOCLoveandSex #BIPOCPoly #BIPOCKink #BIPOCBDSM