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Unapologetically ✊🏿 NJ/GA REALTOR® I NJ/GA Cosmetologist | Jacqueline of all trades. USVI ➡️ NYC ➡️ NJ➡️ GA 📍 Hi 👋🏿I’m here to gain knowledge & vibe with other people who are passionate about Business, Legacy, Family, Black Spirituality. You’ll be surprised at the knowledge I possess, ask me anything I might know the answer. Facts about Me : 💋She/Her/Hers 🎤Raised in the Boogie Down Bronx. 🇦🇬Heavily rooted in the island of Antigua. ♎️Libra 🌞, ♐️ Sagittarius 🌚, 👰🏿‍♀️ to a 🇹🇹 👧🏿👧🏿👧🏿Girl Mom Currently ⚡️Taking a break to be a SAHM 👷🏿‍♀️Full-time Industrial Engineer student.