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Brian Weinberg




86686 Co- Curator of Clubhouse (please sign up for announcements) ! Director @ Foundation for Regeneration, Dedicated to meaningful demonstrations of the promise of regeneration in the American Midwest. Decade plus history working in philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing now at the intersection of social equity, economic development, and ecological health. 🌎 Warrior for the Planet 🌍 🎓Student of Life 🕯 🏛Philosopher ⏳ 🌞Poet🌖 🇺🇸 American 🇮🇱 Israeli (almost) ⚽️ Athlete 🥇 📜History buff 💌🕯⏳ 🌦Wannabe farmer🐝🐓🍄🐂🌲 👄🗣Speaks English, Spanish, some Hebrew ⛰🏝🧳 Digital Nomad now living in KCMO ✈️🗺🚉 🔥Tikkun olam ‘repair the world’ 🔥Leveraging capital market for good 🔥Advancing a regenerative culture 🔥Carbon drawdown 🔥Local, inclusive, resilient economies 🔥Equitable economic development Email: [email protected] #BillorBust