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Bukola Alli




I am a Love and sex coach! If we as humans are the best species that understand Sex more than any other creature, why is it the number 2 reason for divorce in the world? Love? Oh yes Love. We are creatures of love, it is in our core. Why are we still torn into pieces trying to love or be loved? What's the purpose of love and sex? I am redefining what love and sex is according to the designer's blueprint. I do counselling for singles, engaged and married couples. * Are you having challenges in your sex life * Are you addicted? * Are you falling in love with the wrong people and you are tired? *Are you a single and ready to mingle but yet to fully understand the potential to look for in a spouse? I am here to help. Love and sex coach😍 Song minister Author✍️ Speaker😆 Wife and mother Hobbies- Reading, meeting people, Adventure, praying and cooking, speaking,singing