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💛 Women In Real Estate Co- Founder: join the Women In Real Estate Community 👉🏾 💪🏾Goal: Eliminate the Black wealth gap through entreprenurship & real estate 🏘 I help others build wealth with Real Estate (Realtor, Investor, Hard Money Consultant, host for DMV Deal Makers) Feat: @forbes @incmagazine @nbc Let’s connect❣️Check out my Instagram bio link to: ✨ Book a free call to chat about real estate investment, buying a home, entreprenurship, and all things wealth creation! ✨Sign up for the Clubhouse Real Estate Directory - ✨Get more information on applying for Private Money/ Hard Money Funding ✨ Get more information about the Real Estate Mastermind 🌟🌟🌟 Moderator🌟🌟🌟 ✨Entrepreneur (x5) ✨Realtor ✨Investor ✨Marketing Strategist 📍Dc-Rva-Balt (✈️ Was, IAD, BWI, RVA) 🎤 Happy to interview you or moderate your next Clubhouse room. Would love to speak or moderate at your next conference or podcast. 40925