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Bryn Drescher




Mental Performance Coach🤯🥇|Speaker🎤|Facilitator🪄|Author 📚| Podcast Host🎙 👉🏽Helping Students, Athletes and Staff how to master the mental game and unlock their true potential and perform at their best.👈🏽 Worked with NBA, NCAA (Div I,II,III), and AAU HS elite athletes🏀⚽️🏈🎾🏐⚾️🏑🏒 Creator of the The Mental Athlete Program (aka The MAP to better performance) where I take athletes through The All In Method ©️- 5 steps to be all in your sport and life. Determined to transform sports from the top down and help athletes, coaches, and teams develop identities that results in success that serves them beyond sport. 🦸🏽 Known for my BrynErgy, value and positivity. 🦸🏽 I am an excellent podcast guest - Good topics Identity, awareness, athlete motivation, mindset, motivation, mental health. and more (let’s do a podcast together) My podcast is called The Mental Advantage. I interview Former and current professional athletes, coaches, and other successful people in and around the sports world. We explore their journeys through sport and how they managed their mental game through the inevitable shift points that happen in sports. Post Daily on Social media mindset tips, athlete motivation, and actionable information to help you and your team succeed. Follow if you could use more positivity in your feed.📈 Follow me. 🗣Spoken at over 1000 events in the education, business and sports arenas and impacted over 500,000 lives and counting 🗣 Send me a DM if you want me to work with your team, your athlete, or you want to find out my availability for speaking opportunities. Pronounced: (Brin Rhymes with Win) Pronouns: She/Her/Hers