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Bruce Fenton




Cypherpunk Stockbroker Bitcoiner, CEO, majority owner of an SEC registered brokerage firm. New Hampshire farmer I care about liberty, innovation, freedom & free markets, decentralized assets, securities, VC, PE, sound money, free markets, investing. My platform is for freedom, personal liberty and sound economics. Companies- Watchdog Capital, an SEC registered FINRA broker dealer. Atlantic Financial, a registered investment advisor. The Satoshi Roundtable, a leading crypto industry event now in its 7th year — (please join the Clubhouse group!) Chainstone Labs - Bitcoin focused investment and advisory company/ focused incubator. We focus on the convergence of crypto and securities. Comic book super geek, family - Interests: movies, tech, free speech, ocean/ nature preservation. Join these two Clubhouse rooms: Satoshi Roundtable Club - which discusses, Bitcoin, Ethereum and distributed ledger technology - with an open and hopefully welcoming & friendly space just like the real event The CypherStreet Investing Club - economics, markets, stocks, wealth, VC, capitalism and investing Please join (you need to follow me for an invite) Former candidate for United States Senate representing New Hampshire I ❤️ Art Website: BRUCEFENTON.COM