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Brooke Heym




The Business of Intimacy: You must first have a healthy relationship with yourself to have healthy relationships with anything else in your life. Where do you need to start to Do It Differently? DM me ✨SOUL✨- Free Mini Course on Staying Present for Compassion DM me ✨SEXCESS✨- Five Day Challenge on Sexcess to Success DM me ✨SELFLOVE✨-Guide to my Soul Empowerment on the 5 actionable steps to fostering true self love in your life. DM me ✨ADULT✨- Guide to my course on Proper Parent Relationships. I work with coaches and individuals to use our own bodies to release trauma, repurposes our experiences, and to reclaim the narrative of our stories to train the body, mind, and soul to have new outcomes to previously known experiences. Step out of the woo-woo and into a strategic plan of action. By taking back the internal relationship we have with ourselves, we not only heal our internal relationship, we also heal all of our external relationships such as with finances, business, family, friends, and romantically. Our power of creation is magic. Using self connection and soul connection to build a more powerful world of love and authenticity.