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She/Her 🙋🏽‍♀️ Nano-influencer and blogger inspiring women to bloom into their best selves. BRANDS I’VE PARTNERED WITH: Sam’s Club, LaChole’s Boutique, Jenzy & Merit Beauty CURRENTLY ✍🏾 Writing about family, self-care and womanhood at 💪🏽 Womanish, free Black woman finding power in truth-telling and unlearning harmful theology 💉 Healing from Hypereosiniphilic Syndrome 💍 Happy wife and passionate toddler boy mom ROOMS I’M HOSTING ON CLUBHOUSE 🎙Progressive/Post Christians Talk | Every Thursdays at 11PM EST This room is a safe space for those who identify as Christian and those who don’t. We discuss where we are in our deconstruction, reconstruction or evolution of faith. ⚫️ Previous topics - Community, homelessness, relationships, holidays, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 👩🏽‍🏫 Well-loved middle school Social Studies and English educator (7 years) I’M USUALLY IN CH ROOMS ABOUT: ✨ Womanist theology ✨ Personal finance ✨ Progressive Christianity ✨ LGBT allyship ✨ Marriage and motherhood ✨ Black women authors ✨ Sex positivity ✨ Influencer marketing ✨ Invisible illness ✨ Community-building ✨ Affirmations ✨ Plant-based eating ✨ Holistic health ✨ Blogging and podcasting ✨ Anti-racism education ✨ Gentle & conscious parenting 📍ATL, GA, USA 💵 $Brittnbloom Want to chat more off of CH? Send me a DM on IG. 👇🏾