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Bridget Phifer




🖤CEO Living Better Life LLC NC Licensed Realtor Business Capital for Startup/Growth Hard-Money and Private Money Loans Grants for-profit and Non-Profit Economic Empowerment Coach and Real Estate Expert I focus on Building People, Building Businesses, and Building Real Estate Portfolios New Author of Crown Yourself: Pillars of Living a Better Life Https:// Connect with me at Over the last 22 years I have helped First Time Home Buyers, Luxury Homeowners, Real Estate Investors, and Developers in various forms of property acquisition. I am now working to develop communities of affordable housing for marginalized areas. I am collaborating with community and government leaders on projects that will help to reduce homelessness and create an equitable plan for minorities that focus on workforce and education, business innovation and entrepreneurship, and improving quality of life. My vision is to help close economic gaps and build resiliency in regions for minorities and other groups of people in three areas: 1.) Mindset and Personal Development, 2.) community-based platform that empowers entrepreneurs and innovators with the tools and resources they need for their startups or small businesses, and 3.) Education and funding for affordable housing. Living Better Life, LLC is committed to bridging the economic gap and building resiliency in regions for minorities and other groups of people through empowerment and development. With our positivity-boosting initiatives like Building People Through Mindset & Personal Development; Creating a Community cornerstone around entrepreneur resources with tools needed at start-up or small business needs; and lastly providing affordable housing - This is LivingBetterLIfe Model!