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NEW QUANTUM HYPNOSIS SESSION: ACTIVATE FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE! Checkout my website or LINKTREE on Instagram. UPCOMING EVENTS: Visit my site below. 𖣔 Portal To Ascension: Ultimate Star Beings 2024 & 2023 REPLAYS ON YOUTUBE 𖣔 Portal To Ascension: Ultimate Lemurian Conf July 27-28 ༄𖣔༄𖣔༄ Hello Starseeds! 💗 🏳️‍🌈 🖤 I’m a Starseed, Channel, Multidimensional Medium, & Galactic Unity Ambassador. I hold frequencies of Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Lyra, Andromeda Galaxy, & Aurora+. I communicate with High Realms & we love assisting you to embrace your ability to communicate with your Soul Team. We inspire you to expand your consciousness, live your soul’s purposes, & remind you that you’ve trained lifetimes for what you’re here to do! I am an International: Public Speaker BQH Hypnotherapist Awakening & Ascension Mentor Blueprint Energy Healer Work with me to: Explore your Starseed specializations & masteries. Access memories of your lives & homes beyond Earth. Release limitations. Shift perspectives. Be activated. Step into your power. Hone your abilities. Communicate with your Soul Team. Remember you are whole. ༄𖣔༄𖣔༄ You have the ability to shift & reimagine any limiting aspects you’ve adopted as your own. It is possible to create the life of your dreams. We’re here to create New Earth as a collective. Yet, the transformation happens within your consciousness & is reflected in external reality. Ascension. ༄𖣔༄𖣔༄ About Me: Emissary for The Galactic Alliance organization. I love to laugh & smile. I’m grateful to be an incarnated Starseed during such a monumental period of humanity’s evolution. ༄𖣔༄𖣔༄ Topics I love: • Awakening & Ascension • Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis • Starseeds, Star family & Angels • Channeling & Traveling • Multi-D, 5D & New Earth • Soul Team Communication (Guides +) • Soul Senses (psychic, intuition, telepathy, empathic, clairs) ༄𖣔༄𖣔༄ Ascension is an inner journey of remembrance, not a destination. ༄𖣔༄𖣔༄ Join Awake and Ascending, the unity consciousness house I co-create with Alex Norwood Hill (Rainbow Phoenix), Sherri Dill, Natale Zemlyak, Iriz Bernal, Darren Peters, Momo Moon, Rod Lamborn, Eymard Lacambra, Earth To Megan, Stephanie Lodge, & April Curry. Find me and my services at: