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Briar Harvey




What would you do with more time? ✨ Storyteller and Systems Witch ✨ 🗺 Funnel Strategist 💡 Systems Analyst ⚙️ Project Manager 🎙 Host of Ask Briar 🎙 Cohost of Latchkey Movies 🎭 Improv Teacher 📚 Author (coming 2021) 💌 [email protected] 💻 💸 💸 CashApp $thebriarharvey Everything has a story. And everything is part of a system. Are you being deliberate with yours? Whether it’s for life or business, I help neurodivergent entrepreneurs create systems that help them build a life filled with joy. Because that’s what it’s for. ✅ Project management shouldn’t feel like a dystopian nightmare.