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Brian R Johnson




🏆 $2.2 Billion in Amazon Sales Growth ~ using my exclusive Seed-to-Forest™️ system to grow 6-8 figure brands an average 84% year over year in profitable sales. [Amazon PPC, DSP, CRO, Product Positioning]. 🔷 ~ Done For You Amazon Advertising (PPC, DSP) Agency uses the proprietary “Canopy Accelerator” framework with its client accounts to scale up profitable sales. 🔷 Brian has 14 years of e-commerce experience - through his community, courses, software and agency - has helped over 20,000 brands to sell bigger & faster. ~ Coaching brands on Product Positioning & Differentiation using my proprietary Product-Search-&-Rescue™️ approach. 🔷 YouTube: Founder of: 🔥 PPC Scope advertising software 🔥 Amazon PPC Troubleshooting Group 🔥 Sponsored Products Academy 🔥 Canopy Management ad agency 🇺🇸