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Brian Colletto




I offer weekly inspiration and motivation to anyone looking to be more fit, more spiritual, and overall live their best lives with a smile! I’m the Marketing Administrator for ESW Occupational Services, which is a a nonprofit occupational training center agency for developmentally challenged adults. In addition, I’m a member of a number of networking groups and a local rotary club. NJ📍🇺🇸🖤 I want to inspire people through my journey of fitness and living with Autism. I also enjoy sharing faith, music that I like, as well as other forms of entertainment. Looking to do motivational speaking, podcasting, and collaborations on and off the internet. For hobbies I enjoy the following things: Working Out🏋️‍♀️ Taking walks Creating content for social media through pictures, videos, and reels, to inspire others📱 I have my own podcast show “The Brian Colletto Show” on YouTube live Listening to many genres of music🎵🎤 Church (virtually for now)⛪️ My sports teams are the Yankees, NY Giants, Nets, and Devils Feel free to connect at the links above, or on TikTok at the same username as Instagram! Or you can connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn!😃