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Brenda Reynoso




Creative ⚛︎ Art Lover ⚛︎ Entrepreneur ⚛︎ Philanthropist ⚛︎ Music Enthusiast ⚛︎ Dreamer ⚛︎ Believer ⚛︎ Woman Supporting Women ⚛︎ Innovation Enthusiast ⚛︎ Love to Build Others Up ⚛︎ Gives Credit where Credit is Due ⚛︎Let’s talk Ideas ⚛︎ Mind Body Spirit Accelerator ⚛︎ Founder of The Tiger’s Eye Insta : @melodicstar ┊ ┊ ┊𓃭 ┊ ┊ 𓁻 ┊ ✩ ✧ Brenda Reynoso, Music Industry Creative Accelerator, Philanthropist, and Mind Body Wellness Artist Architect. “Legacy Meets Purpose”. Today Brenda is developing a mind, body, wellness, sector of the Tiger’s Eye to support the movements of artists and their teams to build solid foundations of each individual in a team mindset, to sustain the responsibilities and overall movements of the artist journey in the demanding industry centered in wellness.