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Robert Butler




Award winning Filmmaker. Color of Life (2015) Black Pioneers (2017) The Lottery (2018) Holiday Inc. (2018) Black Stories Matter (2020) Life Ain’t Like The Movies (2021) The Pact (2023) Founding Member of Men of Color Writer. Director. Nerd. Creator of the $5 Room. The purpose of the five dollar room is to select one project and help you raise funds for your project with five dollar donations from everyone in the room. We will do this once a month. Project has to be on Indiegogo, Seed and Spark, Go Fund Me, or Kickstarter for people to see what your project is and where their money is going. Create a $5 award on your project whether that’s a special thank you in the film in the credits or something that acknowledges the donations. After the moderators introduce themselves and you introduce yourself the floor is yours to discuss your project. Tell the people why they should give to your campaign. This is your shot to raise all your funds. Give it your best shot. We will raise funds for your particular project for 60 minutes. After that the room is over. To submit email your links at [email protected] Creator of Filmmakers, Actors how can we help you rooms. Creator of the club Filmmakers Unite Looking to connect and help out where I can. Stroke Survivor.