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Breeze Bennett




She’s a very GRATEFUL girl, and she’s Sunny’s mama. ☀️ 💛Founder of Be Grateful. Do Good. 🎙Host of Be Grateful for Breakfast 🍳🥞 Room (ON HIATUS: WILL RESUME SEPTEMBER 2023) Inspiring every soul I encounter to be grateful and to do some good in this world. The positive impact of being in a constantly grateful state is immense! Try it with me. - - 📍DC | STL | ATL especially Creatives • Conversationalists Spiritual Beings • Business Types Health Nuts • Vagabonds • Wanderers • Wild Things • Lovers Friends talk to me bout something for which you are grateful today. Follow and connect for your daily dose of gratitude & goodness. 💧 COLLABConduit DOPENESSCatalyst SOCIALGunsandButterfly🦋