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Esteban A. Wencelblat




🧿 There are no Coincidences 🧿 ✊ Give Respect to get Respect 👊 Walking the path towards full Remembrance☀️ Quantum: 🔥 Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master🔥 🌬Holonomic / Holotropic Breathwork🌬️ 🎼💥 Sound Healer Practitioner 🎼💥 ⚡️ Light Language Activations ⚡️ 🔜 🔜 QHHT & Guided Meditations🔮 Assisting with the Expansion of Human Consciousness💫 🛸Galactic Shaman👽 🛸Energy Alchemist👽 🛸Empathic Orion StarSeed👽 🛸MultiDimensional Navigator👽 🙌 My goal is to offer you a safe, welcoming container to share experiences, learn from each other and most importantly, to support You on your journey. 🙌 Donations welcomed and appreciated 💸: Cashapp: $BarefootHealer What captivates my Energy? Surfing, FreeDiving, SkyDiving, Flying, Exploration, Cartography, Nature, Outdoors.🏄‍♂️ 🌴🐬⛳️🐳 The Esoteric, The Occult, Ancient Knowledge, Ascension, Space Exploration, Crypto and Blockchain 🌊😁Mother Ocean always Soothes and Cleanses my Soul.☺️🌊 🙏Areas of current manifestation🙏 🤙 Allocating a plot of land to build a self-sustaining, alternative construction community where Co-Creative individuals, Healers, and Master Teachers can reside and share their Gifts with those that are ready to evolve 🤙 💪 Open to collaboration with the proper intention. 💪 Provide value whenever possible. 💪 Happy to Mod in rooms. 👉The Daily Occupation…for now👈 🏡 3rd Gen Realtor-Prime Real Estate of Florida. 🏦 Consistent high sales volume averaging over 20 transactions per year while Always maintaining Exemplary customer service. 🤝 I develop relationships, the purchase & sale of properties comes secondary.🤝