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Turn your 💔breakup💔 into the best thing that ever happened FOR you. I am a Breakup Empowerment Coach! What does that mean?!? I work with people who are: 😖 stuck in a relationship and not sure what to do next (looks like: “do I break up or stick it out?”) 😢 recently heartbroken (looks like: “wtf this feeling sucks...will it always feel like this?”) 😵 still hung up on their ex long after the breakup (looks like: shame creeping on their social media instead of sleeping) I help high-performing, badass people turn their breakup or divorce into LIFE CHANGING breakthroughs! 👍 Ask me about my online breakup support community— full of awesome humans, video modules, daily inspo, and virtual healing circles to support you through your heartbreak! (DM me “clubhouse” for details and a special offer) 💔 ✨FREE BREAKUP COURSE✨ Mend 🪡: A 7-Day Heartbreak Healing Course Link in my IG bio 📍Living in LA Co-founder of The Heartbreak Club 💔 on Clubhouse 👋 (join by clicking the second icon at the bottom of my profile) 📖 Author: The Breakup Breakthrough Journal In the aftermath of breakups/divorces, my clients have: ❣️ Written and sold numerous books ❣️ Moved into their dream home ❣️ Received epic job opportunities ❣️ Reinvented their relationship with their former partner ❣️ Magnetized new partners 🚢 Semester at Sea Spring ‘06 🇯🇵 JET Alum Email: [email protected] 📲 DMs are open. Come say hi!