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Dr. Miriam Sekandi




🥷🏽INNER GAME NINJA🥷🏽 🙌🏾 HEALING COACH FOCUSED ON GUIDING YOU ON HOW TO PLAY AND WIN THE GAME OF LIFE WITH CARDS YOU HAVE BEEN DEALT 🙌🏾 🧑🏽‍🦱 Ugandan-Canadian Educator ✍🏾 International Best Selling Author 🤕 Trauma-Informed Practitioner 🏡 Family and Relationship Entanglements (including parenting) 👁 Eye Opener - I will show you things inside of you that you didn’t know existed 🏆Clients who hire me say that by just being in my energy, they soak in my ancient wisdom, experience a dislodging of inner unconscious blocks and access a plethora of possibilities on how to play and win in their lives🏆 📱Find me at 📮 Connect with me on most platforms @breakfreezone4 or Miriam Sekandi if you want to deep dive and learn how to play the game you came here to play! 📍Alberta, Canada 💖With love and care! Dr Miriam xo