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🌈🌵Psychedelic Advocate | Founder of the Psychedelic Society of NL 🇨🇦 |Psychedelic Content Creator | Yoga Instructor | Tourism Professional I LOVE YOU CLUBHOUSE 🥰 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 CREATOR FIRST 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 

PSYCHEDELICS + RECOVERY A network of psychedelic experts and enthusiasts assemble to create a safe space for sober individuals to explore and integrate alternative recovery methods through plant medicine. 🍄 Psychedelics enabled me to break my additive patterns and heal from a crippling substance abuse disorder. I now devote my time into the psychedelic space and aspire to help others step into their own path of healing. CLUBS I CURRENTLY HOST: 🌵🍄Psychedelics & Recovery🍄🌵 Things I’m Passionate About: 🔴Family 🟠Spiritual Travel 🟡Building Community 🟢Empowering Minorities 🔵Psychedelic Research 🟣Drug Policy Reform (decrim ALL 🔴drugs) 🟠Sacred Reciprocity 🟡Psychedelic Integration 🟢Harm Reduction 🔵Microdosing 🟣Mycology 🔴Shamanism 🟠Indigenous Culture 🟡Peruvian History + Culture 🟢Eastern Philosophy 🔵Eco-Tourism 🟣Human Optimization 🔴Biohacking 🟠Social Media 🟡Blogging 🟢Content Creation 🔵Photography + Videography 🟣Podcasting 🔴Plant Medicines One of my favourite experiences: Held a creative space “Critter Cave” art exhibit at the MAPS digital bicycle night event. 🚴✨🌈 CURRENT PROJECTS: 🟥Building a central website hub for the psychedelic society NL 🟧Crafting a microdosing program specific to recovering addicts 🟨Building tourism guides and websites for the Green Bay, NL area 🟩Hosting monthly integration circles in Newfoundland 🟦Creating the Psychedelic Citizen’s Podcast LET’S COLLAB ON: ❤️Psychedelic Rooms 🧡Microdosing Rooms 💛Spiritual Rooms 💚Addiction Rooms 💙LGBTQ Rooms 💜Travel Rooms Shoutout to my mom 🙌🏻