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Brenda Ruby Mendez




E-commerce 👩🏻‍💻 | Brand Builder | Solutionist 🧠| Strategist 🧩| Spiritual 🙏🏻 Started an Ecom brand from scratch and grew it to $100 million in 4 years @Snow ❄️ 🤓Business Coach with real life experience 🧩Now I help brands scale and create a long lasting BRAND by elevating their branding and enhancing their customer journey. Join my next group coaching program: Business Fundamentals to Scale 📈 🧠 Here to over share and give value: BRANDING TIPS: 💡 I like to always keep this in mind when building a brand: Never build on rented land. Build strong moats around your castle (brand) to be able to withstand any outside volatility. Diversify your efforts and have an omni channel presence. Ask yourself this question: What percentage of this platform am I depending on for my traffic/sales? If this platform was to go away, will my business suffer or survive? Create a loyal customer base and COMMUNITY so they follow you no matter what platform you're on. My brand framework pillars to increase brand valuation: ✔️Brand Equity, ✔️Association, ✔️Community, ✔️Diversification (vertical integration) ✔️ Data Driven Work on your 3 internal Ps: ✔️Product, ✔️People, ✔️Process to produce = 3 external Ps: ✔️Profits, ✔️passion and ✔️purpose Content Tips: ✔️Clear ✔️Concise ✔️Consistent ✔️ Collaborate ✔️ Call to Action Personal interest: 🧬Currently becoming the highest version of myself while accepting the best version of myself now 🧬 🇲🇽 Latina 💃🏻 👁 Abundant, Personal Development, Spiritual Soul Sister 🔮🧬🌿 ⚖️ Libra sun & rising moon in Aquarius 🌕 🎙 Real & Raw w/Ruby Podcast 🗣 Speaker & mentor 🙏🏻 Servant Leader 🌱 Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropist: @Savvy_Latina 💃🏻 mentoring latinas & first gen students 👩🏻‍🏫 ❤️ Single ❤️ Let’s Connect: 📲DM me on IG 👇🏼