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⬆️ DM Coordinates ⬆️ ❤️ Love connecting w/ #goodpeoples. Keyword being “goodpeoples” - more on that in a future post on my blog (which needs a HUGE revamp) On Twitter Spaces (@TweetBrandon) a bit these days, but as a result of Clubhouse’s revamp, I’m a bit more active here again. Still love the ethos of people on CH. 🎢Ex-AMZN | Ex-SEO Team Lead ElectrIQ 🎙️Host, SEO 2Day, EduK8 🕺🏻Twins Dad: Comp Sci AI Specialist & Kpop (FNC) Artist @kamdenna Debuting 2024 🖋Over 35 mill+ visits/sessions & ♾ Listeners 📈29.2 mill Quora, 5 mill You📺, 3 mill blogging ☕️Always Interested in meeting 📚Educators, 👨🏿‍💻Talented Engineers, 👩🏽‍⚖️ Estate Planning Legal Talent &📈Leading Digital Specialists. 🎇Founder, ♾YCombinator SS, Create33 & WTIA Accelerator Alum, Venture Deals Alum & Mentor for LG MBA Program & Multiple Startup Founders (Clarity Online, KO Studio) ⬇️ For DMs & Other 🦸🏻‍♂️Growth hacker ☄️Fuel’d co to sell $500m 🇰🇷Led another to grow 1400% in 3 yrs 📚SSAT Master 📝Essay Specialist 📖The Hidden Habits of Genius 🎥A Moment to Remember ♟Mentoring The Future 📍Los Angeles 📫Seattle 🏍Busan 🖤☯️🌏