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Ashanti Branch




Speaker | Storyteller | Mentor | Podcaster| Social-Emotional Learning | I help schools and organizations create spaces for people to connect and to sit in the beautiful discomfort of tapping into their more authentic selves. _____________________________________ THE EVER FORWARD CLUB _____________________________________ Founder of Instagram @everforwardclub _____________________________________ SOCIAL MOVEMENTS _____________________________________ #MillionMaskMovement ⬇️ TAKE THE CHALLENGE HERE ⬇️ 🎭 🎭 Podcast🎙 - Taking Off The Mask Podcast Featured 📺 - Lisa Ling: This is Life S7 “Lost Boys” - The Kelly Clarkson Show (April 2021) Documentaries 🎥 - 2020 ➡️ Beyond Men and Masculinity - 2015 ➡️ The Mask You Live In 📚 Back Story In 2004, as a first year teacher, I created the Ever Forward Club to provide a space for young men to talk about their feelings and lives in a healthy way.