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Paul Borrill




Physicist, Computer Scientist, Entrepeneur. Founder/CEO interested in causality preserving networks for building resilient decentralized infrastructures. Founder of the Paul has served: on Apple's Infrastructure team, as VP/CTO for VERITAS Software; VP/Chief Architect for Storage Systems at Quantum Corporation; Distinguished Engineer, Director of Architecture & Performance and Chief Scientist for IR at Sun Microsystems. Paul has a Ph.D in Physics from University College London, and is a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program. Paul’s lifelong interest in dependable computing came from working with NASA, designing computer systems & software for an experiment which performed extraordinarily well on flight 51F of the Space Shuttle. ————————————————— References Spacetime is Doomed. SLAC: Nima Arkani Hamed: “The end of Spacetime”. There are many other references to Nima’s lectures on the internet describing why “Spacetime is doomed” Edge: The Abdication of Spacetime. Contains references to the work of Brian Swingle and Mark Van Raamsdonk. Nature Communications. “Quantum clocks and the temporal localisability of events” Papers We Love San Francisco: Lamport’s Unfinished Revolution Video: Slides: Insights in the Nature of Time in Physics, and Implications for Computer Science Video: Slides: