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friends @boolega CHAT WITH YS OFF THE APP Formerly (and still) BooLega, BLMF, and BuddhaLega, BooLé ga, Knowledge (of TBBH), BooLogic (of TBBH), If you see me on July 8th, remind me its my Bday...i usually forget 🗣🗣🗣I am not a “Hotep-er” …🤌my name from birth is Imhotep Lukata you fux‼️ I come in piece, as in piece, be steel...🤌 i don't do plastic straps. PSA: I don’t look like Jamie fox 🤦‍♂️ PSA#2: because I’m in a room, that does not correlate to agreement with the room or the speakers. Quotable#1: "Complaining is not a strategy" Quotable#3: “The Bible say money is the answer to all things. We talmbout a thing here” Quotable#4: "Bullets don't run out, lives do" ~Mañana Instagram: i.l.l.creativity Detroit vs everybody