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'Bodhizai' is Brian Mihelic, a Multi-Medium, Photo-Centric Artist, based out of the beautiful PNW; in the area of Seattle, WA. NFT's, Photography & Digital Art. Music/Video/ Animation. I would much rather work the daily grind than sit idle and not take part in construction of the decentralized future; be that by creating, facilitating, coordinating, or moderating. The creative fellowships that fill the NFT space are paving roads leading to the true Universal Metaverse; allowing us to live, create and interact free from outside interference. I am aware it cannot be built alone but am here to do my humble part the best way I know how. - My creative passion is finding the keys to enlightenment within the natural world we live in, and then expressing my interpretation of them in my art. - Worked for 20 years as Electromechanical Tech in the industrial Trades prior to turning to Art & NFT'S Father – Husband – Veteran - Decentralization & Crypto driven, circa 2016. Looking to network and build relationships. Bodhizai.tez/.eth I can be found everywhere as: Bodhizai