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Bob Galletta




🧠 Creator of D.I.A.R.Y. System of FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION 🎙 Host of BEYOND OUR BOUNDARIES podcast 🏆 Coach and Mentor. I coach people on how to find their voice and share their message. 🎤 Podcaster Host of my own show and teacher of how to launch YOUR Podcast. 📣 Speaker 💰Entrepreneur 💎Network Marketing Independent Business Owner 🇺🇸 Creator of INSPIRE AUTHENTICITY JOY Club and WHATSPOSSIBLE Club and Beyond Our Boundaries Club I’m devoted to adding value to the lives of other people!!! WHO I am is.... I AM... Inspiration Authenticity Joy Love Success WHAT I do is ... ...INSPIRE people to do great and mighty things with their life, and in the lives of others. ...EDUCATE people on how to unlock their true potential by being their most AUTHENTIC self. ...LEAD people on a journey of discovery, self improvement, financial freedom and PERSONAL GROWTH!!! ...... ...remember to always....... ENJOY THE JOURNEY and Bring the JOY Email: [email protected] Podcast: Beyond Our Boundaries Website: Ntwk Bus: FB Group: