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Anton Mussche




Beste onderdanen van de lage landen, hieronder mijn enkele woorden over mijzelf. Business owner and part time sailor Light offshore winds spray for favor & blessing and healing. Broad reach ⛵️. Sometimes it ❄️ in april 4 spoons of Memphis Guitar 🎸 and a 🎷 Please be careful around these gentle giants 🐋 ❤️ learning about being a father, asking my 5year old to lead me by example - yes Sir 🫡 Company of one Imagine the dream - dream so big you are scared doing so 🙌 Elohim - Agape love - Adenai “Peace, be still” Psalm 23 Yachtmaster Ocean ⛵️ - free diver - surf 🛹 - open water diver 🎋Conservationist 🌊 surfer 🏄 Meaningful relationships, hydrodynamics, mechanical kits and energy⚡️to drive things forward In the process of building a prototype - Intrest in brand architecture - seemingly simple stuff - boats that are underway and making way - perspective Going to make a positive environment impact beyond my expiry date 🙌 🧩 ✝️ Connecting the past with the present to create an optimistic 🌎 view for the now and the future North of the south pole and south of the North pole, last I checked. Light & metals are abundant, sometimes more so then we would like. “Technical innovation may be the result of pure serendipity” - Lexico - Finding something good that you were not looking for 🤲 Have a ☕️ with me Paypal @amussche