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Michael Wells




Director Media Producer II For CharmTV25 Baltimore, Maryland Innovative Project Manager with over 25 years of professional experience in pre-production, live event, and post- production operations. Extensive management and training experience with an extraordinary ability for project objective execution with an excellent record of public service. Proven aptitude to handle a variety of contiguous projects while working under high-pressure deadlines. • Highly disciplined Television Broadcaster, Social Media Website Streaming Content Creator who utilizes multiple platforms simultaneously • Effective management of media outlets, media acquisitions, government municipalities (federal, state, and local), vendors, freelancers, IT coordinators, and contactors • Work environment includes: inaugurations, concerts, festivals, government events (ceremonies, legislative sessions, and press availability), etc. • Contract Negotiations • Government Relations Management, Stakeholder Relations Management • Strategic Planning, Collaboration, and Mediation Expert • Special Project Manager of pilot hybrid Webex solutions for CHARM TV25 • Special Project Manager for additions of Closed Captioning and ADA compliance during COVID-19 Pandemic to CHARM TV25