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Chrissy Kyles




🎓Career Services/Higher Ed professional | 🎙Podcaster| Counseling Masters Student 💜 What I Do: 👉🏾Currently writing a book: “Finding BLISS in your 20’s” 👉🏾 Podcast and Speaker on life after college, quarter life crisis and social justice issues 👉🏾 Check out my best seller “Give yourself Grace” mask on 💻Website- 🎙Podcast - Bliss with Chriss 📧 Email [email protected] if you’d like me to speak or to be a guest on my podcast 💜 Topics I could co-host/moderate: - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in 3 steps - Quarterlife crisis/REAL TALK about your 20’s - Social Justice Issues (especially about women + women of color) 📍Stillwater, OK