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pronounced /nee see/ Founder + CEO + CTO @carecovr, Childcare Expense Insurance powered by AI + Blockchain Currently Raising Pre-seed Founder + CEO @BrandReactorApps I build mobile apps for brands and businesses to help you increase sales and expand your digital strategy. Want to work with me? Hop over to I’m here to connect with like minded people, learn what I know I don’t know, and create community. How can I can add value to YOUR business or service? Moderating & building community at the following clubs: ✳️ No-Code Club ✳️ InsurTech Club ✳️ The Future of Childcare Club ✳️ The Zetas of Clubhouse 💙🕊 ————————————————————— 📍 Currently Atlanta via NY ℹ️ More about Me: 20+ Years in Tech | Speaker | Tech Career Coach & Mentor | Formerly Lead Software Engineer @CISCO @Amobee @WebMD @CDC Foodie, Gamer, Crafter, Daughter, Sister, Rich Auntie, Soror ΖΦΒ (4-HP-00) 💙🕊 | UAlbany Alumn 💜💛 | GA Tech 🐝 | INTJ-A My Interests and here to share on: #InsurTech #Blockchain #Childcare #AI #Insurance #MachineLearning #BlackWomenInTech #BlackInTech #AppDeveloper #No-Code #ReactNative #React #Javascript #SoftwareEngineer #LowCode #Marketing #Startups #BlackFounders #EquityCrowdFunding #CustomerExperience Work with me at Single and 📲 DMs are open 👇🏾