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Sylus Green




Founder of 530 Scholars - the revolutionary resource for young black geniuses. Consider me the Gandalf for brilliant black children. My life’s mission is to protect their brilliance and ensure their opportunities. I Graduated Highschool with a 1.7 gpa. I didn’t get accepted to any 4 year colleges in 1997. By 1999 I had a gpa high enough at the junior college to get a partial academic scholarship to the University of Central Florida. In 2000 I was part of the inaugural class of the Gates Millennium Scholars. In 2010 I became an Adobe and Apple Certified trainer, started MyT Training in 2012 and trained Disney, The US Army, BYU, University of Iowa, Tufts, Columbia University, Social Security Administration, and The Department of Defense in video editing. 2015 started training the White House Communications Agency. 2018 started The 5:30 Scholars to train elite Black scholars in technology. I am committed to be the revolutionary education resource our people need.