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Jason Armstrong




I hate these things, I never know where to best my description is a cigar smoking, whiskey/tequila drink, sax playing, sports watching, dog loving, comic book reading nerd. I've written a childrens book called "chocolate mixer" in honor of my two kids. I've served in the US Air Force reserves but my background is originally in massage therapy and fitness. I wear a lot of hats. I love to travel, I lived in Italy for 4 years...which is how I got into the wine and spirits business. I'm a life long comic book nerd and science geek. I learned how to make whiskey by looking on youtube (you can learn almost anything on youtube) and once I got into creating my own whiskey line I learned that I had a family history of bootleggers and moonshiners in the hills of Georgia. So I guess in a way I'm honoring them too. I love craft spirits so now I’m working on a tequila/mezcal line and I also am a cigar nerd, so I launched my own line of cigars called Tristan Lee cigars