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Erin Buck




🐝 After leaving my Job in education, then having to close my business due to a debilitating illness I created a business that is now so successful that I an turning away up to 3 clients a week ! 🇬🇧 🐝 I help small/micro businesses & entrepreneurs in the creative industry with their daily admin and social media presence, which helps them to achieve and not burnout. 🐝 I am here to help the clubhouse community by sharing social media insights, giving business advice to small startup businesses and learning from others. 🏆 Creative startup finalist 2022 🏆 Virtual assistant of the year Finalist 2022 🏆 Freelancer of the year finalist 2022 🏆 Digital Woman of the year Finalist 2022 5️⃣0️⃣ Digital women to watch in 2022 🐝 I am interested in - Instagram - Networking - Creative businesses - Creating connections - Friendship 🐝 I am open to moderating, collaborating and connecting with other businesses and people 🐝 The best way to contact me is through Instagram DM or email at [email protected]