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Rob Vincent




I promote Virtual & in Person Networking Events for Entrepreneurs & Celebrities from all over the world. The main purpose of these event is to give entrepreneurs a platform  to meet new potential customers that they wouldn't have met otherwise. Networking is an art. It’s not just an opportunity to push a product or service on someone you meet for the first time. Networking & building long-term business relationships is my life Here are 10 reason why you should attend our Virtual Small Business Networking Events ✅ Live captivated audience ✅Explore other Products & Services ✅Network with celebrities ✅Tips on how to grow your business ✅Quality Referrals ✅ Learn to how to start a business ✅ Connect from your computer or phone ✅Obtaining New Potential Customers ✅Making Connections & Transactions ✅ Build Partnerships & long term relationships If you would like to learn more about our Virtual Small Business Speed Networking Events DM me what type of business you have and what city it's located in