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Business credit mentor, 80+ door real estate portfolio creator, and Multi-Brand Creator of Smoothie Rx, Body Werks Chicago, and Bullet Proof Business and Around The World Coffee. Unlocking financial success through strategic credit management. Every Friday, join me in The Longest Running Business Credit Room on Club House 8am-12pm EST brought to you by The Mortgage Syndicate. Resources at, Author of Business Credit Exposed, a 136-page Ebook, helping others obtain Over 3M in Credit just from Club House Users alone. Also Available at, Need funding? does all kinds of lending: Real Estate Loans Commercial/Residential, Equipment Loans, and Business Loans & Lines of Credit. Join me at my International business retreat where I teach advanced business credit tactics and how to apply them to commercial/residential real estate endeavors. It’s a 5 star luxury experience, 5 days 4 nights, hosted in San Jose, Costa Rica. “under protest,” UCC 1-308